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New Glass Options!

Check out the newest glass options, now available for your Koetter Woodworking interior and exterior doors! 

Say hello to the Arctic and Contora designs, bringing style and texture along with medium to high privacy levels. Let color and light shine through with these striking new options!

Arctic Glass

Contora Glass

New Product Alert – Engineered White Oak S4S!

The ability to keep up with White Oak demand continues to be an ongoing challenge, particularly when it comes to the wider widths & longer lengths. For several years, millwork manufacturers have competed with stave & veneer mills as well as the bourbon industry, (ie: barrel manufacturing), which utilize tens of millions of board-feet of premium White Oak lumber per year. To put it in perspective, bourbon production in the state of Kentucky has increased 475% since 1999!

Instead of continuing to fight this uphill battle, we knew it was time to build a better mousetrap.

After several months of research and development, we are excited to launch an all-new line of engineered S4S White Oak in widths of        7-1/4”, 9-1/4” & 11-1/4 with lengths up to 16’ long. (Yes, you read that correctly, up to 16’ long!)

Want to learn more? Feel free to contact your Koetter Woodworking dealer for more information!

Check out the link below for some frequently asked questions!

Torrefied Poplar & Red Oak


Torrefacation is a process in which kiln dried wood is super heated to approximately 400 degrees in the absence of oxygen, which prevents combustion. This process ultimately changes the molecular structure of the wood from open to closed cell, reducing the moisture content to near 0%. The wood is then conditioned by by moisture being re-introduced through steam injection.

This process results in a rich, dark hue with color ranging from golden to dark brown in addition to enhancing the natural grain.


Torrefied Poplar and Red Oak are both suitable for many exterior applications, offering benefits not obtainable with traditional kiln dried products.

  • Significantly increased dimensional stability
  • Less likely to shrink, swell, warp, or twist
  • Rot/mold resistant
  • Insect resistant
  • Enhanced grain and rich color, similar to Walnut
  • Color is consistent throughout each piece – from face to center!


Currently, the following products are stocked in torrefied Red Oak and Poplar:

  • 3/4″ thick S4S in standard widths from 3-1/2″ through 11-1/4″, in 8′, 10′ & 12′ lengths
  • 1″ x 5-1/2″ S4S in 8′, 10′ & 12′ lengths
  • 3/4″ x 5″ (face) QRK/TVG wall and ceiling covering

Additional items, including exterior doors are available by special order!

Koetter Simplicity Series Doors


There is no need to sacrifice quality when choosing your paint grade interior doors. Koetter Woodworking’s all-new Simplicity Door is manufactured using authentic stile and rail construction with solid hardwood, stave core stiles.

This competitively priced collection includes six popular door styles, making it an ideal choice for your paint grade applications.


  • 1-3/8” thick, square sticking with 7/16” flat MDF panel
  • Available in 6’8″ and 8’0″ heights, standard widths from 1’0″ to 3’0″
  • 20-minute fire rated doors available in 2’8″ & 3’0″ widths (6’8″ & 8’0″)
  • Stiles are manufactured with solid, hardwood cores and robust, 1/4″ MDF faces
  • Solid wood dowels are used for added strength and durability
  • Intermediate rails are recessed 3/16” from face of stiles and rails, and glued & pinned to the face of the panel
  • Each door is factory primed with a high-solid content primer
  • Available for prompt shipment in just 10 production days!


Lock Miter Beams & Columns


Ideal for beams, column wraps and pilasters, these precision milled lock miter components provide a superior fit and clean appearance.

The interlocking feature increases the mechanical strength of the joint, while simplifying assembly and field installation


  • Lock miter components are available in a variety of configurations, with 2, 3 or 4-sided being the most common
  • Available unassembled of factory assembled
  • Unassembled components are packaged with a disposable filler block to protect the edges and help mitigate potential damage during shipping and handling
  • Widths up to 11-1/4″ and up to 16′ in length
  • Available in all standard species

Falling Lumber Prices – Reading Between The Headlines

Falling Lumber Prices - Reading Between The Headlines

“Lumber prices plunge 40%…”; “Lumber prices are falling fast…”; “Lumber prices falling dramatically…” – the headlines are all over the news right now, but what often is lost in translation, is that these headlines refer to softwood lumber, not hardwood.

What many end-users don’t realize, is that the softwood and hardwood industries are each unique in their own way, with diverse geographies, harvesting, milling, distribution, manufacturing, and end-use variables.

Softwood lumber prices have fallen to their lowest level since March, after peaking on May 10th. Even so, softwood prices are still up approximately 175% over last year.

Pricing for # 1 common Poplar, which is a high-volume specie for Koetter Woodworking, is up 208% and continues to rise weekly. We look forward to the day that reverses course, but at this time we don’t foresee a significant correction in the near future. (This is true for many hardwood species, where although some species/grades have seen a slowing of price escalation, prices generally continue to increase week after week and some species continue to see sizable increases.)

Rather than speculate on future costs/prices, some hardwood mills are pricing lumber loads “at time of shipment” – which although not widespread, this is an indication of the ongoing supply strain and resulting cost-escalation that we continue to experience on the hardwood side of the industry.

Koetter Woodworking continues to work with our long-term partner mills to create an efficient, predictable supply chain to ensure the flow of material necessary to keep the finished products we manufacture flowing to you and your customers.

We are well-positioned to support our customer’s needs through these challenging times and we sincerely appreciate your business, patience, and understanding as we work together to meet the demands of you and your customers.

Click here to read more industry news from the Woodworking Network regarding the hardwood supply disruptions.